Steel Wire Rhombus Rhinestone Ladies Watch

By | January 30, 2015

womdee steel wire rhombus watch women

£3.29 + free delivery

(prices can change over time)

An elegant and stylish stainless steel wrist watch made with Rhinestones.

  • Material: Copper with a Stainless Steel finish, with Rhinestone trim around the edge of the watch.
  • Condition:Brand new
  • Diameter:5cm/1.97inches
  • Wire round Bracelet with Inside Quartz Movement set with Silver tone quardrate case, Rhinestone decorated
  • Adds charm and suited to daily wearing.


Why settle for expensive watches that cost the earth when there are literally many cheaper watches out there that are just as nice.  Most expensive watches are made overseas in just the same way as these are, yet you don’t need to pay “the middle men” for their brand name.

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