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By | January 22, 2016

Hey there. This is Shaun the admin/site owner and I wanted to point out that what I find for you guys is all genuine free stuff (in the main). Of course I do quite a lot more than just find freebies.  I do in fact spend a considerable amount of time also finding deals that come up for a limited time, money off deals and products that are reduced.

genuine free stuffOften at times you have to be quick to get on them.  Most of the deals are shared on my Facebook group by the way so you’d need to jump right in there and click on “join” (it’s for UK folks).  In there I usually find anything from 2-22 products each day that have a good amount of money knocked off the regular price.  This helps quite a bit with saving when birthdays etc. are coming up.

Anyway back to the subject of free stuff and this website.  You’ll find all manner of things from free soap powder, free perfume samples and free valentines day cards, so all in all there is usually plenty of things on offer for most people.

How do I locate all of this “free stuff”?

Well, at any one moment in time there are hundreds of companies trying to get more exposure to their business.  They do this by giving away free samples (in the hope you will like their stuff and then go on to buy more stuff from them).

The trouble is that many of these free promotions go unnoticed so it is only down to websites such as this that help the companies by listing the offers as we find them.

Each day we spend time hunting down all these freebies and giveaways and when we find one we list it here on this site.  The companies are normal companies offering genuine free stuff to consumers, and it can range from free pet stuff right through to free hair care items.

You’ll find things such as:

free baby samples – free baby wipes, nappies, ointments and creams etc.

free offers – various companies who simply want to get the word out about what they do

promotional giveaways – often at times you’ll see things like buy one get one free, or get a free full size sample completely free for a limited time.

Genuine free stuff

Please feel free to take a look round the site and enjoy what we do.  if you like it, please share with friends.



Shaun Baird

Shaun Baird is a keen money saver and entrepreneur looking to help as many people as possible.

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