Free Yazoo Milkshake Coupon Right Here

By | March 23, 2016

Free Yazoo Milkshake

Fancy getting your hands on a “ever-so-simple” coupon for a free Yazoo milkshake?  They are giving away FREE Milkshakes – crazy isn’t it!  FAB freebie!

To claim your coupon  you’ll need to click below where it says “get this” and that takes you through to their website where you click on the Blue button that says “gimme my free yazoo!”

Enter your email address and download the coupon and you’re good to go.  Just so you know you will need the special printing software (“secureprint@home”) to print yours from your computer or laptop unless you’ve already got that installed on your device.

Once you’ve filled in your email address and country, you will receive an email that contains further instructions.  Towards the bottom of that email look for where it says ‘claim voucher’ at the bottom of the email and the voucher for your free Yazoo milkshake will then automatically print  (or you’ll be asked to install the printing software).

We are YAZOO


Take natural dairy goodness, shake it up with everyone’s favourite flavours and what have you got? YAZOO… milk with a bit more bottle.

We sold our very first YAZOO nearly 30 years ago and now the UK gulps down over 80 million bottles every year. Seems it’s not just us who prefer milk with an added bit of fun.


free yazoo milkshake couponget this

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