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By | March 8, 2016

Grab your free Whey protein samples Uk giveaway right here.  This amazing giveaway is part of a massive 50,000 giveaway extravaganza from Science in sport.

Science In Sport are handing out 50,000 FREE boxes of their brilliant “WHEY20” fast food gels.

To claim your free fast food gels whey sample pack, click on the ‘Get This’ button below which will redirect you to the official “Science In Sport” offer page on their website.

When you click through to their website (below) on their website you will be required to fill out a short form which takes under 2 minutes, along with your preferred sports. Then click ‘Submit’ to be sent the offer email.

This action is signing you up to their Sports email list (as is the case with most free giveaways), but that’s fine as with any email list you can easily unsubscribe.

The next step is to check your inbox for the offer email arriving.  When you receive it you will need to click on the activation link contained inside it.

That’s it though as far as doing “what is needed” for this sports nutrition freebie.

The SiS (Science In Sport) promise

Our Promise

When you commit so much time, energy and determination to being the best you can be, you want a sports nutrition partner that truly understands endurance sport – one that you can trust to provide the best products and expert guidance.

Science in Sport’s expertise, combined with feedback from the elite athletes such as Sir Chris Hoy and Katarina Johnson-Thompson, ensure SiS continue to innovate and improve their existing range of trusted endurance nutrition products. Our passion means our products are truly trusted and recommended.

SiS tests products over and over again until they are right.  We do this to ensure we provide you with the right range of products with the best possible ingredients for your needs – so that you can focus on performing to the best of your ability.

That’s our promise – the best science to deliver the best products and the best advice for your sports nutrition.


free whey protein samples uk onlyget this

If you’d like to read the rules of this giveaway you can find them here.

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