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By | March 13, 2016

This Free Scar Treatment Gel – Real people who were scar sufferers are giving rave reviews as to how good this gel is.

This is a “brilliant” advanced formula free scar treatment gel giveaway by Kelo-Cote.  People are reporting superb results when used regularly over a period of 3 months+ (which is the recommended amount of time).  In way of return for getting your free sample of this great gel, all they ask is that you upload anonymous photographs of your scar for them to use as before and after pictures.

You won’t need to show any identifying or personal images, just a close up of your scar tissue before and after – you should be quietly impressed!  Let us know in the comments when you’ve used the product for 3+ months and how well it went for you.

Get rid of scars

So how well DOES this free scar treatment gel actually work?  Read a couple of genuine unedited reviews below from people who have used it and decide for yourself:

I had a surgery that left two horrible scars in my arm, as it was a nerve and tendon reconstruction. My doctor recommended me to buy this and use it twice a day for about a year, I had to clean the area, put the kelo-cote and sunblock on top.

I was very careful to not forget to apply it and the results were unbelievable. That was 5 years ago, and I still go around recommending it, I keep one in the house for any small scar like pimples and things like that.

Let me tell you: yes, it’s pricey but it’s worthy. It does takes time, but it works brilliantly.

From my two scars, the big one (10 cm), is still visible but very light and soft, noone notices it anymore. The small one (5 cm) is now just a tiny line. You can see it from, my pictures below

By L. Scott, Amazon Uk reviewer

“Made a big difference…”

This has definitely made a big difference to a two inch scar on my face. It was raised and red until I started to use this and this ( and probably time) has levelled it out, taken away redness and its overall appearance is much better. I think it stays sticky but I just put concealer on top of stickiness now and don’t worry too much about it drying first.

100% verified purchase by Tess on Amazon

“Brilliant, literally a miracle..”

Brilliant! literally a miracle! I was gutted when a helix piercing began to swell and the doctor said it was a keloid that was likely to grow- and boy did it!!! After one application of Kelo-cote the ‘keloid’ burst (I am aware this is not common) !! Although I had to have the piercing removed the swelling speedily went down! The doctor said it was probably really an infected keloid but that it would definitely scar and the keloid was unlikely to go. When the area has sufficiently healed I started applying Kelo-cote again and the visible swelling completely disappeared within two weeks. Now it is not noticeable at all, there is no scar on one side of the entrance wound and only a tiny scar on the other. Restored my confidence in wearing my hair up and I think it’s a miracle product- I would have paid twice as much for these results. WOULD RECCOMEND TO ANYONE.

Rebecca, verified purchase on Amazon

Convinced it’s worth a try?  Well, click the “get this” below to get a FREE sample of the brilliant free scar treatment gel and see for yourself how good it is.  You might have to wait up to 28 days but I’m sure you’ll be impressed.

free scar treatment gel by kelo cote that works very wellget this

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