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By | February 3, 2016

Free Samples For Men – Where Are They?

You can often find lot’s of great free beauty stuff for women but free stuff for men can sometimes be a little harder to come by.  never fear because here at Fab Discounts we’ve done a little digging around and unearthed some great freebies for men.

Feel free to go over and look at the items in our category now suitable for men, or continue reading to see what great stuff there is around. 

There is a variety of mens grooming stuff in there to keep him happy.  Free razors in the mail, free mens cologne samples etc.

All of these giveaways are totally no gimmick free samples for men, so no need to be hunting around for a credit card.  The worst case scenario is that you will need to provide your email address and postal address in order to get the samples in the mail.

What sort of mens freebie is a good freebie?  The answer is “ANY” sort of freebie!  What are the best free samples for men?  Well we believe that any freebie is great, as long as there are no hidden signup clauses somewhere that you don’t know about.

There may be the odd “rare” mens giveaway on the site where you might end up tied into something say a month later but this will always be made clear on each post.  To date there is not a single mens freebie listed on the site that ties you into any sort of subscription service.  You would easily be able to tell anyway as the mens freebie offer page would have some sort of subscription option where you need to subscribe via Paypal or by entering a credit or debit card.  Thankfully to date (at the time of writing this) there are NONE whatsoever.  So rest assured that for the most all we hunt for is the best 100% free stuff for men.

2016 free stuff for men


free 15ml clinique for men facial scrubWe begin our quest with a mention of mens free 15ml clinique facial scrub.  It is what it is.  A scrub to keep your skin feeling fresh and vibrant.  In today’s modern world, the modern man uses more and more skin care products, due in part to the rise in awareness of skin issues such as Cancer, wrinkling, ageing etc.  It’s a sign of the times really.

Mens skincare is far more important than it was say 30 to 40 years ago when most men would laugh, yet you increasingly see even some of those hardened men finding space in the bathroom cabinet for a product or two.

free dior homme for men sampleWe also give a mention to the gorgeous Free Dior for men sample on the site (can be found here).  It’s a manly musky fragrance with an urban edge.  It’s a giveaway from a magazine.

The fragrance won’t be much in terms of size, but by way of a freebie there will be enough to splash on for an evening out, or to simply wear for a day to see if it suits you/him.

If you like these free product samples please make sure you share this site with your friends.  The more we grow the easier it is for us to add more value to the site as each month goes by.

free sample of lacoste l.12.12Finally I want to give a warm mention to a free sample of Lacoste for men.  if they have all gone don’t worry as we regularly find more fab freebies for men.

What other mens freebies would you like to see?  Please comment below.  until then please continue to pop back to fab discounts each day (or add your name and email address into our signup form for daily email notifications of freebies and signup deals – we dont spam)




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