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By | February 25, 2015

free reon caffeine stripKeeping up with my latest freebies, I am pleased to announce that Reon are giving away FREE samples of their caffeine strip.  A GREAT way to get a shot of caffeine whenever you want (just like an espresso drink).

To get your FAB freebie, simply fill out a form on their website and they’ll send you a code by email. With this, you then use the code to shop online for your strip at no cost.

To use your strip, place it on your tongue and it will dissolve, giving you a pick-me-up wherever you are. Each strip contains 20mg of caffeine, meaning three strips equals roughly one espresso.

Reon is sugar free and strips contain just one calorie each.

To claim your free Reon Caffeine Strip, click the Orange coloured ‘GET THIS’ below, then on the Reon website you have to scroll down the page and click on the White coloured ‘request a free sample’ box which can be found located on the right hand side.

Submit your email, then check your inbox for your code. Follow the link to their website from your email, choose your flavour, “add to basket” and then “check out”.

Simples!  Please allow up to 28 days for delivery.


A FAB freebie indeed!

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