Free Higgidy Pies – sounds good

By | March 17, 2016

Fancy some mouth wateringly good free Higgidy pies (forever?)

Well as long as they continue this offer it would be rude not to enjoy.

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free higgidy pies

When we first thought up the ‘Higgidy Thank You’ offer we only made one size of pie so things were a lot simpler. Some people buy lots of different Higgidy things now and might wonder what voucher they can expect if they send in a mixture of use-by dates. Well…

The rule is that we’ll tend towards the average value, so if you send us mostly pie use by dates and a few little pie use by dates, we’ll probably send you a voucher for a pie. You can use any voucher as part payment on a bigger pie too, so if you get a voucher for a little quiche, you can use that as part payment against something to share if you’d prefer.

source: higgidy pies

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