4500 Free Haribo Sweets – Starmix Sweets, Bags And Keyrings!

By | March 11, 2016

Free Haribo Sweets.  Fancy chewing your way through some free Haribos?  Well now you are in with a chance of winning, as they are giving away 4500 freebies currently and this won’t last long at all.  This includes Haribo Starmix sweets, keyrings and bags.

It all starts when you click below where it say’s “get this”.  it takes you to their website and you have to decide which “team” you want to be in.  Hard for me to decide but I’d have to decide on Team Cola bottle I think!



which haribo team will you choose?


So, it is a bit of a game – you might win, you might not, but it’s a little bit of fun and with over 4500 free Harbo goodies up for grabs, everyone is in with a chance of winning free Haribo sweets.

When you choose your Haribo “team” you’ll need to provide some details, you can choose to do this through a Facebook connect, or by entering some details.

If you don’t win on the first go, don’t worry because you can enter this competition every week until the end of August 2016.

Did you know?

… that a chain of Gold Bears produced in a year would go around the earth 4 times! That’s 160,306 Km!

Win free Haribo samples

If you win, you’ll know because a notification will pop up on the screen letting you know, plus you’ll get an email confirming your win too.

This promotion is open to residents of the UK (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland), ROI, CI and IOM aged 16 years or over.  You can read the full terms here.

Did you know?

Over 100 million Gold bears are produced every single day around the world!

What’s your favourite Haribo sweet?

Any of these?


How Haribo was formed:

1920 -A Sack of Sugar and a copper Kettle
Hans Riegel was born on 3rd April 1893
in Friesdorf near Bonn, as the son of Peter
and Agnes Riegel.
After finishing school, he completed his training as a
confectioner and worked for Kleutgen & Meier for over five years. He then worked
in factories in Neuss and Osnabrück. After the First World War, the Heinen company in Bonn-
Kessenich started looking for a confectioner and Hans Riegel became a partner in the
The company subsequently became Heinen & Riegel.
In 1920, Hans Riegel started out with a company of his own. Hans Riegel purchased
a house on the Bergstrasse in Kessenich, at the time a suburb of Bonn, and set up
his first factory there. The starting capital was a sack of sugar, a marble
block, a stool, a brick oven, a copper kettle and a roller. It was here, in this small backyard laundry
building, that the history of this now internationally successful and well-known
company began. On 13th December 1920, Hans Riegel had the company name
hArIBo entered in the trade registry of the city of Bonn as an acronym of
In 1921, Hans Riegel married his wife, Gertrud, and she became
the first employee in the young company.
free haribo sweets starmix bags keyrings

Yum yum, sweets in my tum – Haribo, fun for all!

get this

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