Free Electricity With Solar Panels

By | July 23, 2015

Becoming more accepted as each year passes, Solar panels represent a superb way to shave money… a lot of money (as much as 50% on a household bill)!

“A Shade Greener” are one of the Uk’s forerunners, being one of the largest “free” installers of free solar panels.

  • FREE products and services that save customers money – NO BRAINER!
  • 50,000+ installations
  • Excellent reputation
  • 80,000+ likes on our Facebook page
  • 4.6/5 star reviews from independent review site eKomi
  • Featured on Money Saving Expert
  • Featured on the BBC

Watch this video, and then make a brief inquiry with the form on that page to see if your property is eligible to save you money on your electricity.

Your next step to getting “free” electricity is to have someone tell you if your house is eligible (ie pointing towards the sun).  Click on the Orange coloured “get this” below and fill out the form to see for yourself.

get this

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