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By | February 27, 2016
free personalised dog food

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Fancy getting your hands on the perfect free dog food worth up to £27 in value? produce the “perfect blend” of dog food for YOUR dog.

You have to start off by entering your dogs name, and then answering a few questions about their weight, food likes, exercise level (etc.) and they calculate the perfect recipe from tens of thousands of combinations and then present what they believe to be the best for your dog.

The service is highly recommended and get’s extremely high reviews.

You can use the code FZCG44 to get a FREE 2 week trial, and just pay £1 postage.
If you don’t wish to continue you’ll need to cancel the order.

The good news is that on “trustpilot” they get 9.7 out of 10, with thousands of verified customer reviews, so you’re in good company if you need to contact them to cancel.

“It starts with your dog

Your dog is one of a kind, so why feed them generic one-size-fits-all food? We believe that every dog will be at their happiest and healthiest when fed food that is tailored exactly to their individual needs, so we get to know your dog before we create their ideal blend.”

If you’d like to find out more then pop over to the site, answer the questions about your pet (staring with his or her name) and be sure to enter the code FZCG44 at the checkout to get free food (for 2 weeks worth) – you’ll just need to pay the £1 postage fee – remember to cancel before 2 weeks is up if you decide the service is not for you.

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Testimonials for

Ordered for my two dogs after they became super picky and only wanted tinned or human food. I got two weeks free to try and not looked back since. It’s not expensive just over £20 a month for a Labrador. I don’t think you can go wrong. Comes tailored to suit your dog so if your dog is overweight they get less calories etc. Also comes with a personalised scoop so you know you are giving the correct amount and not over feeding.
I’ve seen advertised for quite a while now, don’t know why I’ve never tried them before now.
Highly recommended and two happy dogs.


My pug nova when I got him. Had itchy skin. And a delicate tummy. Only a week of starting his new food that he loves, I started to see a difference.. Nova have been eating his new food now for quite a few months now and he had had no problems at all,with his tummy or itchy skin. I will never go back to shop brands again. Very happy owner and a very happy and playful pug. Thankyou

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