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By | March 7, 2016

Throw FAB Free Confetti Petals At The Next Wedding!

Who else wants to be the ultimate bargain hunter and freebie seeker?  Well now you can thanks to these free petals.  You can get a sample pack sent out to you and use them in a trial at a friends’ wedding (maybe in preparation for your own upcoming wedding?), or maybe just “because you can”.


This brilliant freebie is all courtesy of Shropshire petals.  Now here’s the “fun” bit.  Let them know what the wedding colour scheme is going to be and they will actually do their best to send you a colour coordinated sample pack of confetti.  How’s that?

Shropshire confetti make sure their petals are thoroughly dried and are some of the lightest petals you’ll ever handle.

On their website you can use the confetti petals calculator to see how many you might need.  Deciding upon factors such as:

  • Throwing confetti
  • Confetti for tables
  • Confetti petal pathways
  • Flower girls

To get your hands on some simply click “get this” below.  Please allow 5 to 7 days for delivery.

All petals are completely natural in colour and have no added dyes whatsoever -so all natural goodness is assured when choosing your free confetti petals sample.

About Shropshire petals:

They have been established more than 10 years in the current name, however two of the owners (Michael and Rosemary Bubb) started the business under another name more than 20 years ago (J M Bubb and Sons) and they still play an active part in the business, which now run by their sons Jonathan and Jim.

As part of the farming community, we always recognise the benefits of growing sustainable, environmentally friendly products whilst maintaining a farming practice that’s kinder to the countryside… so in 2005 we decided to launch our natural petal confetti. Our Shropshire farm has fields and fields of delphiniums. All of our petals are 100% natural, biodegradable and eco-friendly. They are dried naturally, which keeps their colours beautifully and no dyes are ever added. We delicately handpick all of our petals to minimise bruising, ensuring only the highest quality petals are used for confetti. Our Pick and Mix feature allows you to get creative and put together your own bespoke mix, perfect for your own wedding day – have a try! 


free shropshire confetti petals samples

get this

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