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By | December 9, 2015

free clothes ukFinding free clothes might seem like an impossible task but if you know where to look it is possible to get your hands on some free clothes uk based suppliers want to give to you.

So let’s just dive right in.

Free Clothes UK Sources


If you are an out of work unemployed woman “smartworks” can help by providing you with totally free clothing to help get you back on your feet when you attend and interview.  You can find out more and read all about their core services here.

Freecycle groups

Log on to your Facebook and in the search bar at the top you need to type”Freecycle + London” (that’s if you live in London.. just substitute with your own place where you live).  Free cycle UK groups are a fab source of free clothing.  There are lot’s of Freecycle groups popping up all over the place.  Yes, people really do give away free stuff and others (aka you can ask for free stuff.  Just be aware that freebies go extremely quick.. like in minutes so you need to be quick when looking.  You can always pop a post in the group asking for any old free clothing for size “Whatever”.


They have a free section too.  You can find it here and see if there is anything you need.  You need to log in to preloved to find stuff local to you that’s free


Yep these guys at Gumtree also have a freebies section – always worth checking out each day!

Our site

Please pop back each day as we post freebies and giveaways every day.  You can always subscribe to our newsletter where I email you when I upload new deals  (the link is in the left hand menu of this site),  or alternatively click here to search the site for clothes.

Almost free – no more than £1 to £2 an item

I know this is meant to be “free” but really you can genuinely get some great clothing, some of which is “like new” and sometimes “new”.   I first cottoned on to this idea a few years ago when I met my current partner.  She is an avid bargain hunter, and yet I am ALWAYS amazed by what she finds.  She finds clothing, toys and all sorts of things.

For example brand new tshirts for 50p, ladies tops for 20p etc.  She does this using Facebook groups and also using car boots.  With the care boots you need to get there early, like 6am to 7am for the best deals… golden tip – get there at around 11am as the carbooters are packing up to go home – they often just want rid of stuff so will let it go for next to nothing!

As for the Facebook groups, there are hundreds of “things for sale in YOURTOWN/CITY”  type of groups online.  Join a few and see what bargains come up.

Finally keep your eyes peeled on eBay as often people list items of clothing for like a 99p start price, with free delivery and nobody bids on it!


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